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What is creative content?

Creative content┬áis an umbrella term that’s used to describe the various forms of enriched multimedia that should form a core part of your online presence and marketing strategy.

A brief history

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, even before the world of creative content was even a thing.

After leaving University I was unsure of what I could do with my degree in Psychology and Creative Writing and I toyed with the idea of going to work in HR like so many of my University peers. I took a step back from it all, moved home with my parents and began working in events for a Golf Club.

It was then that an opportunity arose to go and work in Dubai…again unsure of what I actually wanted to do I got an interview with an investment company that were interested in my writing skills and wanted me to help them with content for their clients

It was when blogging was just becoming a thing and I flourished. The world of blogging and fashion just felt so me…my two loves in life combined.

Long story short I turned my love of writing into a job and that’s what I still love today. I love creating content.

These days content includes words AND images and I equally love telling a story in image form. For small businesses creative content is a way of reaching their audience and telling their story, and in my opinion is far better than any ‘sell sell’ marketing approach.
Clients often ask me what is a appropriate to post or talk about and in recent years most topics, and personal stories haven’t been off limits. We have all learnt that the online world is a place to share.

A solid content plan is the basis for creative content

We all need plans, and I believe a solid content plan should be a firm base for your marketing activity. I also believe that your content should be well thought about and that it should offer the reader/viewer something they are able to take away with them. Even if this is just a feeling or inspiration.

I’ve talked about this before – but we should all be putting just as much effort into our websites these days, as they are ours and ours alone, unlike social media.

The power of words will never cease to amaze me though and I hope I am able to continue to create content in any form for many years to come.

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