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Why we should be investing in our websites

I was chatting with a friend the other day about blogging…
‘Blogging?’ she said ‘Isn’t that so 2012?’ I looked aghast…did she not know about SEO? Did she not know that content is king? Did she not know that a website is one part of the internet that she could ACTUALLY OWN?

No, she did not.

You see so many of us put our time, effort and love into creating an amazing space for our business on Instagram, which is great (and I love social media, I really do) but we need to remember that we don’t own that space.

Social Media changes, algorithms change, one day Instagram could turn around and start charging for use…these are all things you should consider when deciding where to spend your marketing efforts.

Whilst social media is a massive marketing tool, one that should be planned and executed well, we need to make sure that our websites have investment. That means keeping them up to date, adding fresh content and finding ways to engage with an audience on there too.

We don’t know what the future holds and for many small businesses social media is a space on the internet that is vital, BUT having a FULL marketing strategy and plan that covers all your bases is even more important.

Don’t forget that little old website, it could serve you well one day.

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