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What is Digital Storytelling?

So, a few people have asked me recently – what actually is Digital Storytelling? – as I use this term a lot when it comes to what I do. I do this because I believe in a softer and more meaningful approach to marketing than the hard sell results driven marketing that is favoured by many marketing agengies.

What is Digital Storytelling?

Well, its simple really, its the brand or business story that you tell online
It helps people to know who you are and what you are about.

Why Digital Storytelling?

Traditional marketing activities encourage an offer led, advert led approach to showcasing your business. Digital Storytelling is a longer term strategy that allows your customers to form a long lasting relationship with you. It is also a meaningful approach to marketing your business, creating a balance between selling yourself and showing people you care about them and what content they choose to consume.

A Digital Storytelling plan should include a well thought out and holistic approach to content. It should concentrate on all your marketing channels and be consistent.

If you would like any further help on how this sort of marketing plan can help your business then book in a chat with me here. I will even bring cake.

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