Life after lockdown: how my life has changed

September is just around the corner, the smell of Autumn in the air and WHAT a 6 months its been! I like to reflect on life, I do this daily in my journal, and living through a pandemic has given me even more to write about.

And life has changed for me, it really has.

I have always been a ‘busy’ person, I don’t suffer with boredom. I do and do until I am too tired to do anymore. I suppose I would say that I can get a little obsessed with my to do list, with doing more and more. I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve. Prior to lock down I was close to burnout (remember I have two little ones and have never taken any maternity leave with either of them) ‘busyness’ was getting the better of me, and whilst I would never wish any of the disaster and hurt that lock down has brought on so many, it has been revelation to me.

It’s ok to go slower. I do not have to go at one hundred miles an hour. I can live more in the moment. All these things are ok.

This realisation has really helped with the anxiety I have had for years. It has taught me to be calmer, to enjoy the little moments in everyday life and also to take more pleasure in the things I enjoy outside of work.

What about you? Do you feel lock down has given you a different outlook in life?

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