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Improving your Instagram engagement

I truly believe that your number of followers doesn’t equate to your number of sales. I often meet clients that get hung up on follower numbers…I’ve even had clients try to ‘reward’ me for follower number increases.

Well, if that’s what you want then I am afraid we aren’t a good business match.

You see thousands of followers may look impressive…and if you’re a social influencer then they are…but for small businesses the thing I really like to see is ENGAGEMENT.

Instagram is a lovely part of the internet, a place where you can really engage with your audience, get to know people, thus making them trust you (because you are the person you say you are) and in turn improving your chances of sales.

If you have 1 – 5k followers your engagement should be about 9.6%

(96 – 480 likes & comments)


So, how do you improve your engagement?


You need to dedicate time to engagement, there is no point just sticking a post up for everyone else to see then not taking the time to look at your followers posts. Put a little time aside each day to commenting, liking, chatting with your followers

Use analytics

You know that little button that says ‘Insights’? USE IT. It provides you with key information about when your followers are online and which posts they like to interact with the most. This is important because it will help your post to be seen by the right people at the right time.

Quality content

While you’re taking some time to engage also take some time to think about quality content. Show your audience you care about what you’re doing. Look at which posts have seen good engagement and do more of that, be unique, be relatable. Don’t be too sales-y.

Lastly (and I don’t want to preach to the converted here) but I can’t stress enough that patience is key to Instagram success. There are no quick fixes (in my opinion anyway) Sure you could buy followers but those followers won’t buy from you. You’re in for the long haul. Real life relationships take time to form and so should the ones you make online.

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