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How to approach marketing in a meaningful way

I don’t know about you but there is awful lot of ‘selling’ on social media these days. Sometimes I scroll through Instagram and feel overwhelmed by how much people are wanting you to ‘buy this’ ‘subscribe to this’ or showing ‘paid for ads’…

…so if you’re a business that cares about what you put on the internet how do you approach marketing in a meaningful way?

Create meaningful content
Maybe you create a wonderful selection of aromatherapy candles, whilst your social media should show this very thing, you want to create a ‘feeling’ you don’t want to be ‘sell, sell, sell’ you want to give your audience something meaningful. Inspiration perhaps, a look at an interesting part of candle making. Tips and tricks on how aromatherapy can aid in helping mental health. You get my drift.

You audience (and ultimately your customers) want to know YOU and they want to know that you care about THEM.

Nurture relationships
Social media can be a really nice place if you let it and getting to know your followers and nurturing these relationships will always eventually lead to sales. However in the mean time, forming meaningful connections with your audience can help you and them to feel good about yourselves. If you feel good this shows in your business. We know you care about what you do so let your followers know you care about them too.

Trends come and go, don’t loose focus
Play to your strengths, if you don’t have interest in producing reels and ‘Tick Tocks’ then don’t. Being genuine in business goes a long way. You don’t have to embrace the latest fad or trend if this doesn’t fit with you or your business. Real customers will stick around even if you’re not learning new fandango dance routines.

Marketing doesn’t have to be ‘pushy’ it doesn’t have to be something you dread doing because it’s ‘not really you’…

At Essie Media I believe it making meaningful connections with your audience, of telling your story and creating content that makes your audience feel good. It’s a slower process, about building trust, there are no quick fixes when it comes to creating relationships with customers.

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