Healthy habits I’m sticking to

The weather this past few weeks has been so amazing hasn’t it? I feel so alive when the sun is on my face and I’m in the garden. This is one habit I won’t be changing now the world is returning to normal; gardening.
This past year the changing face and constant jobs in the garden have brought me great joy and getting out in the fresh air and watering my seedlings have given me focus. An outside focus rather than a sat at my laptop focus.

I have also been journaling daily, a habit that I have always done, but never as frequently as I do now. Writing down my thoughts and feelings really brings me inner calm and for someone who is naturally quite anxious this is a very important thing.

Time management is another habit I will definitely be sticking to, after really developing it this year. It makes my life so much easier. Time blocking my tasks has transformed the way I work and made little pockets of time into big achievements.

I’m also hoping to get blogging more as writing is such a huge enjoyment of mine, as well as letter writing. I blogged for many years on my personal blog and loved every minute of it so I’m hoping this is a habit I can again start to develop.

What about you? Are there any healthy lifestyle habits you’ve developed in lockdown that you will be sticking to?

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