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Digital story telling – what the heck do you mean?

I’m not a big fan of pretentious ‘buzz words’ (I especially hate the phrase ‘do it for the gram’ *puke*) but I’ve been hearing lots of people within the industry talking about this digital story telling…and you know what this is exactly what I do.

Let’s just take it back to 2008 for a second. This is the year I started at University, eager and excited to start my degree in Creative Writing. Social Media was a thing but not a thing I really thought about. I just wanted to write…

…and write I did. First for a publishers doing online book reviews, then for some magazines. It was only when I decided to have a leap of faith and move to Dubai that everything clicked into place. The blogging world was just taking off and I began ‘story telling’ for lot’s of different brands. Blogging and social media just seemed to go hand in hand with my creativity. I found I could tell a brands story in a creative and exciting way and I loved every minute of it.

Digital story telling IS a buzz word but its a self explanatory one. It’s the story of YOU as a business. It’s all truth, it’s just told in a way that makes it more interesting to your audience. An ongoing narrative makes you approachable and human.

If you need any help with telling your story then lets have a cup of tea and exchange stories (Or I can just tell you mind, whatever you like!)

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