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I have been helping lots of small businesses with their website content lately. This is a really important investment in their business, even more so than social media, but why?

Well, the thing about social media is that you put in all the effort and the big companies that own the channels reap the rewards. Your website is yours and yours only, which means any investment in your site (even if its just a time investment) is purely your reward. Plus social media is a pretty saturated market now, the businesses that run the channels are in a perfect position to charge money for more reach or to change the algorithm without telling you.

Now I’m not saying that social media isn’t relevant, you can reach a lot of customers via these means and this method should remain part of your marketing plan BUT many businesses these days forget how important their website still is.

Furnishing your website with new content increases your natural SEO, keywords help your discoverability and also help you to capture customers who aren’t on social media.

Having a solid blog plan with useful articles or fun pieces can bring in new customers.

Your investment in your website content can only do good things.

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