• Content Marketing

    Digital story telling – what the heck do you mean?

    I’m not a big fan of pretentious ‘buzz words’ (I especially hate the phrase ‘do it for the gram’ *puke*) but I’ve been hearing lots of people within the industry talking about this digital story telling…and you know what this is exactly what I do. Let’s just take it back to 2008 for a second. This is the year I started at University, eager and excited to start my degree in Creative Writing. Social Media was a thing but not a thing I really thought about. I just wanted to write… …and write I did. First for a publishers doing online book reviews, then for some magazines. It was only…

  • Content Marketing

    Looking for some social media holiday cover?

    Running your own business and going on holiday can sometimes be a nightmare combination, especially if your business is just YOU. Remembering (and having time!) to post on your social media channels or blog can be hard enough when you’re at work…and really all you want to do is relax away from home! That’s where I come in. I can take the stress out of having to plan all your social stuff in advance, and remembering to reply to comments and other interactions, by providing holiday cover while you’re away. You relax and I’ll do. I can cover all your channels, prepare and post blogs AND provide you with a…

  • Lifestyle Brands

    Lifestyle brands

    I love a bit of lifestyle (see my lifestyle blog here) which is why I have worked with so many different wonderful lifestyle brands. From boutiques to cosmetics, fashion to interiors…online and offline if you’re wanting to market your lifestyle businesses that I may just be the person to help. My Approach Content and voice is key. I like to keep things real so your customers get a feel for who you are as a business. People buy from people and you want your customers to know you well, and form long lasting relationships. Creative, quality content is key to this Whilst there always needs to be an element of ‘pushing…

  • Working with

    Model Club

    Loved working on this exciting project! This local business puts on modelling courses for teenagers and young adults, with the aim of helping to build confidence and skills. They even get to put on a fashion show. Check out their Facebook page here 

  • Wedding Businesses

    Wedding businesses

    I have been working closely with Wedding Business since I started out in Marketing over 10 years ago, and I have worked with a huge variety of businesses that offer services in the wedding industry. From boutique stationers, photographers, caterers, events planners and even big hotel wedding venues. I’ve helped online and offline,  little bits of content here and there and big scale marketing campaigns, so if you’re wanting to market your wedding businesses that I may just be the person to help. My Approach Content and voice is key. I like to keep things real so your customers get a feel for who you are as a business. People buy…

  • Working with

    Tiree Dawson Photography

    Love, LOVE working with this super lady. Her photographs are to die for, each and every one is absolutely stunning. Also another local Lake District businesses that makes us proud of where we live and all the wonderful small businesses that operate here. Check out Tiree here Contact us to find out how we can help your small business 

  • Working with

    The Little Lakeland Soap Company

    We’re excited to have been doing some work with local company The Little Lakeland Soap Company. These products don’t only smell like a dream but they do pretty amazing things for your body & mind. We love working with small local businesses just like this one. If you want to have a chat about what we could help with then get in touch.

  • Content Marketing

    Why content marketing is great for small businesses

    Content marketing has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Since the rise of social media, brands now have to become closer and more communicative with their customers if they want their loyalty and trust in return. Simply broadcasting advertising messages is no longer the only strategy available and it’s not advisable if your customer has made the effort of including you in their ‘social’ circle. Today – it is important to give out advice, engaging stories and information that is of genuine use or interest. But why is content marketing so great for small businesses? Well, first off Content adds value and this can be done relatively cheaply too.…

  • Courses

    Blogging & Social Media for your small business – 23rd March

    This course will be in workshop style so an informal chat about what you have, what you need and where you could go with it. This course will cover: An introduction to digital marketing, why use it? A look at content planning and how to go about getting organised Using social media analytics Social media, all questions answered! Creating an SEO friendly blog post and promoting it Linking it all together This course will be running in Carnforth, the cost is £45 per person.  Places limited to 5. Book your place – sophie@essiemedia.co.uk