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A guide to email marketing for small business

We all know we should be doing it, but as a small business are you getting the most from your email marketing?

These days I find that many small businesses dedicate all their efforts to social media. Creating amazing content and having engagement on your social channels is important but making sure your marketing plan is ’rounded’ and covers multiple channels is vital for a small business to reach all the potential customers out there.

So, what can you do to improve or get started on your email marketing?

Get organised
Get your scheduling sorted and get organised. Having a marketing plan with content ideas will help you to keep your marketing messages in order and allow you to know which channel you are publishing to each day.

Get your mailing list together
Due to data protection your mailing list needs to have ‘opted in’ so make sure you give them a reason to opt in. Regular mailers, offers and exclusives all help to keep your mailing list interested. Linking to the mailing list on social media with a reason to sign up and have a sign up on your website.

Start with a newsletter
If you don’t like the salesy approach then a newsletter emailer is a great place to start. Think of it as an extension of your ‘Digital Story’ and keep it conversational and engaging just like on your social channels. You don’t want to repeat yourself BUT you can reuse content.

Give yourself a realistic goal
Don’t think of it as a chore and don’t pressurise yourself to send one every single week BUT do give yourself a goal on sending out regular mailers (whatever that regulation is). Build it into your plan and stick to it.

Really think about your subject line
It makes a difference to opening rate. Don’t catfish but having a little hook can help!

Don’t be offended if people unsubscribe
We aren’t all fans of emailers so don’t feel down in the dumps if your get unsubscribes.

Target those who don’t use social media
Emailers are a great way of reaching those who aren’t on social media, so if you know of customers who don’t use Facebook or Instagram then suggest signing them up to your mailing list so you can reach them that way instead.

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